With over seven years experience in quality assurance, I have strong website and application testing skills. Whether you are building a new website, mobile application, game or piece of PC software, I can help ensure your project is polished and to the high level of quality.


Software Testing Types I perform include

  • Working alongside your existing QA process, creating new QA processes where none are currently implemented and suggesting improvements to existing QA processes
  • Using a range of testing methods to effectively test your website(s)
  • Delivering and reporting results in the most useful way
  • Startups, needing to add QA to their processes
  • Digital agencies who are project-based clients, needing QA as part of each project
  • Software Houses, Web Developers, established clients, who need to improve their QA
  • Testing agencies, who require extra testing resources
  • Ensure the quality of your website or application

  • Confirm that new features work as intended without issue
  • Spend less time and money on dealing with bugs
  • Reduce risk of releasing buggy products.

The Testing Process

Initial meeting to discuss what testing is required for your application or website testing project. Depending and the size and scope of the project this can be done via email, Phone call or skype.

The aim of this first stage is to not only get an idea of the size and scope of the project and what testing is required but also determine if we are a right fit.

During this phase, we can also discuss the best way of reporting issues to your developers.

During this phase, the website or application is tested, based on the parameters set during our initial meeting. This will include a range of testing types agreed on, plus will also include open ad-hoc testing to find bugs that may be hiding in the application/website.

Issues found during this phase are reported using the agreed upon method, This could range from your own issue tracking software such as Jira, Test Track Pro, Or even within a google doc or excel sheet. Whichever works best for your development team.

Results of testing will be reported  in a range of different ways depending on the scope of the project and what is agreed upon with the client. For small short term projects this could be reported via email summarizing the results of the test.  For longer, larger scope projects results can be reported in a full test summary report.


During this final stage, we discuss if any further testing is  required.

This could include further focused testing of specific features, regression testing to ensure that previously fixed bugs have been resolved or further exploratory testing to ensure no hidden bugs remain un-found

Stages Of Testing

During the development stage I can work with project managers, designers and developers to plan and execute tests.

  • Working closesly with development team
  • Testing can be focused on specific features or accross the entire website/application to find major bugs.
  • Bugs can be found and fixed early in development.

  • All features and content on website is complete and all area’s of the application or website can be tested and bugs reported.
  • Final sweep of bugs on website or application to ensure no major bugs go out to the public
  • All functionality of application or website tested at this stage including compatibility between different browsers.

Once the website or application has gone live ongoing testing can be done to check for any last minute issues as well as ongoing test support to make sure new features and patch’s are working correctly.

  • Testing of new functionality and features.
  • Testing software has no issues with new firmware or software updates.
  • Finding more complex bug’s that were not picked up in development phases.

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